Differences Between Brow Henna and Eyebrow oxide Tint

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Is tinting a good option for your brows? Or should you go for brow henna? They might seem like the same procedure, but there are subtle yet game-changing differences between the two.

Brow henna vs brow tint—which one is the best for you? 

  • Duration

Brow tints and henna are both semi-permanent solutions. However, the latter typically lasts much longer than eyebrow oxide tint as well it promotes hair growth. Regular brow tint will fade within two to three weeks, while henna can last for up to six weeks on hair.

  • Application

Oxide tints for  brows are relatively simple to apply. The processes must always start with cleansing, ensuring that there is no excess makeup, oil, or dirt on the eyebrows. Brow henna is a more complicated process as dilution and application process  will directly affect the skin staining. Henna requires proper training. 

The setting time for your henna  or tint will depend on the product. So, make sure to check the instructions before you apply any solution to the brows.

  • Skin type

You or your client may prefer one solution over the other not because of its features but due to your skin type. Generally, oily skin types work better with henna because it lasts longer. In comparison, brow tint is more suitable for dry skin types, preventing the formation of dark, flaky patches on the skin.

  • Colour options

There are numerous colour options available for both brow henna and tints. Ultimately, the colour you choose will depend on the colour of your hair and skin. 

For instance, if a client has blonde hair, brow tints with ashy tones will match the lightness of the hair best. Meanwhile, for redheads, henna is an excellent option because it adds a subtle yet beautiful warmth to the hair. 

Henna is a  treatment on its own, oxide tint can be mixed with lash /brow lamination kits

Your choice between brow henna and brow tint will all depend on your unique needs. But no matter which you choose, you must make sure to purchase your eyebrow colouring products from a trusted and experienced supplier in the country.

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