Everything About Pro-made Fans

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What are pro-made fans? They are handcrafted fans that constitute individual eyelashes before they get applied to the natural eyelashes. A small collection of lashes are taken, which are then fan-ed using extension tweezers so that their roots get glued together. This is often done to create a voluminous look. It is often done by experts with years of experience, considering the intricacy and detailing involved. 

Pro-made fans give a dense look without having to attach multiple eyelashes individually. This is a regular practice as it ensures the eyelash extensions aren’t too heavy and, at the same time, have considerable volume. 

Quality is a major governing parameter ensuring the pro-made fans gel well together and do not disintegrate after some time. Therefore, high-quality PBT synthetic materials are used for the right softness, durability, and curl. These lashes have a thickness lower than 0.07mm. These are light in weight and do not exert any pressure on the underlying natural lashes. 

Pre-made Fans and Pro-made Fans - Grounds of Difference

Pro-made fans are glue-bonded as they are required to be individually dipped into the glue for better adhesiveness. Moreover, the handmade lashes have a superior and lasting curl and have a natural fanned-out look. Whereas, to enhance the durability of the pre-made fans, they are made to undergo a heat-bonded process.

Pro-made fans call for expertise and attention to detail. They are also very time-consuming, making them pricier than pre-made fans. A pre-made fan requires attention at all stages of production and has uniformity when it comes to curling. Since pro-made fans are handcrafted, they tend to spread out better.

Are Pro-made Fans Worth It?

Every eyelash extension experience and expectations are different. While some prefer having superior-grade eyelashes done for a relatively lower price, others may opt for a more personalised eyelash extension experience. Pre-made fans are convenient, less time-consuming to put on, and more durable. 

On the other hand, pro-made fans are customised, require expert precision, and are more expensive than a readymade eyelash but offer a uniqueness that is significant to your requirements. 

So which one to buy? It depends on the type of experience you want to have. Readymade or pro-made fans are both durable and worth every penny you spend. 

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