Experience the Benefits of Henna: Beautiful Brown Hair without Harsh Chemicals

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The glamorous trend of henna brows is taking the beauty industry by storm. Henna brow tinting is a technique that delicately stains the skin under the eyebrow hairs, resulting in full and distinct eyebrows. For those not naturally endowed with dense and stunning brows, henna is the way to go. By using premium natural henna products, you can effortlessly sport bold and striking eyebrows and elevate your overall look.

Henna, an all-natural, plant-derived dye, has been a beauty staple for centuries due to its gentle and safe-to-use properties. Unlike conventional dyes, Henna is free of lead, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide, making it a perfect alternative for those with sensitivities. Here are some undeniable benefits you can get from brow henna:

Perfect for sensitive skin

Enriched with vegan properties and derived solely from the henna tree, brow henna is a chemical-free and natural option that bestows impeccable results. Unlike traditional dyes, this alluring alternative contains no lead or ammonia, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or a concern for the provenance of their beauty products.

Denser & heavier brows

For those desiring fuller and more defined brows, the option of henna brows is a viable alternative. This technique delicately layers henna dye onto the brows, resulting in a denser and more enhanced appearance.

Effective & lasting results

Brow lamination is a refinement that can effectively enhance the appearance of sparse eyebrows by filling in the gaps and creating an illusion of fullness and depth. Additionally, this technique expertly conceals any unsightly grey hairs. The tinting process only takes approximately 20 minutes, unlike the customary henna used for body artwork which necessitates an hour or more of application time.
At Lash Box, we prioritise the importance of safe and dependable techniques when it comes to beauty enhancement, evident by our superior brow henna products. Clients can browse through our collections and indulge in their quest for fuller, more aesthetically-pleasing eyebrows today.

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