Eyelash Extensions - The Most Recent Popular Beauty Skill

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If you are interested in beauty and thinking about learning eyelash extensions for that extra revenue, let us share with you why NOW is the best time to learn eyelash extensions – the most popular beauty skill in 2022!

1. It’s a money-making skill

If you are charging R400 for each set of lashes and you are doing 4 sets of lashes a week, that’s R6400 for 4 weeks. The interesting point is, would you just do 4 sets of lashes per week? This is based on a freelance lash artist calculation. In fact, the market rate for an experienced lash artist is around R700 (at least) and a full-time lash technician can do about 4 sets of lashes per day.

4 x R700 = R2800 (per day)

If you are only going to lash for 20 days per month, that is a potential R56000 per month!

2. High in-demand service

Eyelash extensions is an incredibly popular keyword that tons of people search for every day!. What does this mean? In a place like South Africa, the demand for eyelash extensions is significantly high and it is going to increase.

3. It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult either!

No one said it’s going to be easy. If you have good eyesight and a stable pair of hands, the rest is basically just practice, practice, and more practice. Compared to eyebrow embroidery where perfect precision is required to achieve the beautiful effect, learning eyelash extensions is more straightforward where you learn how to use lashes of various curls, thickness and length to create a beautiful eyelash design for your clients.

4. High job satisfaction

Wonder why there are so many ladies (and recently gentlemen!) who can’t stop doing eyelash extensions? Apart from having longer lashes, your customers will wake up with brighter and bigger eyes. The instant gratification of this simple beauty procedure is the reason why ladies are so reliant on eyelash extensions. Learning the skill to create eyelash designs to correct your clients’ eyes shape and enhance their looks gives us a high job satisfaction level. Generally, a majority of lash technicians find this satisfaction even more rewarding than counting the profits at the end of the day.

5. Low cost set up

If you are from the beauty industry dealing with skincare, you will know that a lot of money will need to be invested in buying treatment machines that can easily cost hundreds to tens of thousands. There are also the various types of skincare products you’ll need for all different skin types.

What do we need for eyelash extensions apart from the basic equipment? We need lashes of different thicknesses and lengths, glues and tweezers which we can use for years, disposable items like eye masks and tapes. With a good set of skills, you’ll be ready to make your mark in the industry.

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