What Are the Top Eyelash Accessories You Must Have in 2022?

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Must-have eyelash accessories to complete the set:

  • Adhesive -choosing the best glue is easier said than done. This is because the choice of your adhesive will depend on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and application speed.

For instance, some fast-drying glues can bond in as little as one to two seconds after application. But, for this to work, you must apply them at optimal conditions in an environment with 50% to 60% humidity below 23°C.

  • Brushes

To avoid any trouble during the application of your lash extensions, you’ll need a variety of trusty brushes. Micro brushes are small and disposable and are made for tasks that require extreme precision, such as applying primer.

Mascara brushes help keep your lashes in place while you apply them, ensuring that they don’t stick to each other.
In particular, spot cleansing brushes are excellent tools to remove make-up for cleaner eyelashes.

They also remove dirt in your eye area to prevent irritation and infection.

  • Primer

Another essential accessory for cleaning your lashes is eyelash primer. This product removes excess oil  from the eyelashes, boosting adhesion and improving retention. 

Apply primer before putting on your extensions, and use a brush for more thorough coverage.

  • Tweezers

Last but not least, make sure you have a reliable pair of tweezers in your kit. These nifty tools can make eyelash extension application and removal a breeze, allowing for more precise work.

Not only that, but different tweezers are designed for different tasks. For example, if you need to separate your natural lashes and ensure clean application, straight/curved isolation tweezers are a must-have. Meanwhile, if you prefer using volume lashes, it’s best to go for volume tweezers.

Purchase your eyelash accessories online so you can get the best quality products for your lashes! 

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