Why Pro-Made Fans Are Taking Over the Beauty World in 2023

Posted by Irina Andreev on

If you're a lash artist, you may have heard the buzz around pro-made fans, and it's no surprise that they are becoming more popular in 2023. Pro-made fans are pre-fanned lash extensions that are made by hand. They offer numerous benefits for both the technician and the client, and their popularity is only going to continue to rise.

So, what's the reason behind the growing popularity of pro-made fans? For starters, they save time. As a lash artist, you're always looking for ways to make your work more efficient, and pro-made fans are just the thing. They come ready-to-use, eliminating the time-consuming process of hand-making each fan. This means you can complete more appointments in a day, which will ultimately lead to a boost in your revenue.

Furthermore, pro-made fans have consistent quality. Every fan is identical and made with the same level of precision, ensuring the same look and feel for every client. 

Another reason pro-made fans are taking over the beauty world in 2023 is because of the variety they offer. They come in various curls, lengths, and diameters to fit any lash style. You'll be able to provide your clients with the specific lash look they want, whether it's a natural or dramatic style. With such a range of options, pro-made fans can help you stand out as a lash artist.

Moreover, pro-made fans are less damaging to the natural lashes , them cluster lashes.With their lighter weight and thin pointy base, you can apply more lashes per natural lash without causing damage. This is crucial to the longevity and health of the natural lashes. Clients will be more satisfied with their lash extensions when they last longer and don't harm their natural lashes.

Finally, pro-made fans offer a unique, luxury experience for clients. They're perfect for clients who want a high-end look but may not have the time to sit through a long application process, if you are still inexperienced in volume making.

In conclusion, pro-made fans are becoming more popular in 2023 due to their time-saving, consistent quality, variety, lighter weight, and unique experience. As a lash artist, incorporating pro-made fans into your services can help you increase revenue, boost your reputation and provide a better experience for your clients. With their convenience and benefits, it's no surprise that they are taking over the beauty world. So, if you're not already using pro-made fans, it's time to jump on board with this beauty trend.

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