Basic Eyelash Extensions Kit

Basic Eyelash Extensions Kit

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Our BASIC Lash Extension kit consist of:

1 x Cashmere Mink lashes -mix 8-14mm B curl 0.15/ curl may vary depending on the stock.

1 x 3g Black MegaBonding/Novelty( depends on availability)

1 x 15ml Coating Primer

100 x Microbrushes 

5 x Disposable glue pallets

1 x Blower

1 x Micropore Tape

25 x Disposable mascara brushes

10 x Hydrogel eyepatches

1 x Vetus Black Velvet Range ST-15 tweezer or curve Lashbox Tweezer(depends on availability)

1 x Vetus Black Velvet Range EST-17 or 45 degree Lashbox tweezer (depends on availability)

1 x Glue Remover Premium 10g Gel type or 5g cream remover (depends on availability)

1 x Acrylic lash pallet

1x Empty Lash Foam bottle 60ml + x1 5ml foam concentrate to dilutw in distilled water 

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