Bronsun Eyebrow Colour Fixing Lotion 50ml

Bronsun Eyebrow Colour Fixing Lotion 50ml

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Bronsun Eyebrow Colour Fixing Lotion 50ml.

The colour fixing lotion is recommended to use when tinting with dye or henna and in the eyebrow-care routine at home. Suitable for all types of dye or henna. The product promotes fixing of pigment after the tinting procedure and provides a long-lasting effect.

Performs moisturising properties; PANTHENOL provides shine, protects against external impact. GRAPESEED OIL has powerful antioxidant and regenerative properties. The product is instantly absorbed, and its light consistency does not leave any traces on hairs. Non-comedogenic.

Fixes the pigment inside the hair, increasing the longevity of a tinting effect. It is recommended to use during tinting with dye or henna.;

At the final step of the tinting procedure, after complete removal of dye or henna, apply the fixing lotion on the dry eyebrows.

Do not wash it off. Wipe the residues with a paper tissue if needed.;All ingredients are EU-approved and are independently safety assessed to approve ingredients and the application.