Eyebrow Oil 15ml

Eyebrow Oil 15ml

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BROW OIL 15ml Helps achieve a more saturated color and enjoy the result for a longer time. The color tone after staining becomes more intense. Restores the structure of the eyebrow hair and eyelashes. Nourishes and moistens hair bulbs ;After several applications, customers observe remarkable growth of hair.

Ingredients: oils – castor, amla, jojoba, wheat germ, ylang-ylang, almond, peach, taramira.

Removal of henna from the eyebrows. After henna has completely dried on the eyebrows, moisten a cotton pad in Brow Oil and soften the dried henna, then brush out the remaining bits. Maintaining the effect of tinting for a longer period of time. After tinting, apply Brow Oil to the eyebrows every day before washing in the morning. Oil repels water, thus keeping the color for as long as possible. Nutrition, repair and growth of eyebrows and eyelashes .Apply Brow Oil to eyelashes and eyebrows every day in the morning and in the evening for 2 to 6 months.