PULUK Pro wave Cream #2

PULUK Pro wave Cream #2

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PULUK Pro Wave – Setting Cream #2

PULUK Pro Wave Perfect 10 Keratin Lash Lift SETTING CREAM No.2

Puluk PRO WAVE SETTING CREAM No.2 is the Second stage of the Lash Lift Treatment. It Penetrates the lash and stops the reaction started by the Waving Cream No.1. Gives volume to the eyelash and fixes it.

Stage 2 Application time: 10-15 min. dependant on lash thickness

Thin Eyelashes – 10 Minutes Per application process

Thick Eyelashes – 12-15 Minutes Per application process


  • Contains glycerine
  • Good for weak and porous lashes
  • Suitable for people with sensitive eyes
  • Has no strong odour
  • Packaging shape prevents oxidation
  • Savings: a tube is enough for 10-15 procedures