Hydra Pen H3

Hydra Pen H3

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Hydra.Pen H3


Automatic Infusion Hydra Pen forms part of the Dr.pen range:

Hydra.Pen H3 is a new concept skin care device. It equipped with a containable needle cartridge, the essence will penetrate into the skin automatically while doing the MTS movement, which greatly improves the efficiency and effect of skin care treatment.

Hydra pen auto microneedle device features: 
1. 6 levels speeds can be choice and display on LED.
2. Comfortable hand-held metal shell design.
3.  700mAh Built-in battery, wireless operation, low battery alarm function
4. 3ml needle cartridge. Enough serum for loading a facial microneedle, with adjustable serum flow, adjustable 12pin depth from 0-1.0mm

1. Containable needle cartridge 3ml, adjustable depth 0-1mm and serum flow 
2. Automatic application, clean and hygiene
3. Available for different essence
4. LED display of speed
5. Comfortable hand-held metal design
6. Build-in battery, wireless operation