PULUK Pro wave Cream #1

PULUK Pro wave Cream #1

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PULUK Pro Wave – Waving Cream #1

PULUK Pro Wave Perfect 10 Keratin Lash Lift Waving Cream No.1

Puluk PRO WAVE WAVING CREAM No. 1 is the first stage of the Lash Lift Treatment. Waving cream softens and opens the scales of the eyelashes and gently lifts lashes from the root.

Stage 1 Application time: 10-15 min. dependant on lash thickness

Thin Eyelashes – 10 Minutes Per application process

Thick Eyelashes – 12-15 Minutes Per application process


  • Mild action by reducing the content of ETHANOLAMINE THIOGLYCOLATE
  • Contains hydrolysed collagen and panthenol
  • Good for weak and porous lashes
  • Suitable for people with sensitive eyes
  • No strong odour
  • Packaging shape prevents oxidation
    Savings: a tube is enough for Approx 10-15 procedure