Are Lash Extensions Worth It?

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If you’re looking for a bold, defined lash line with or without applying eye makeup, then lash extensions are ABSOLUTELY worth it.

#LashGoals every day are possible when you get a custom set of eyelash extensions from Lash Box. Our expertly designed lash extensions will not only highlight your eyes, but define your facial features!


Semi-permanent lash extensions are the most dramatic way to enhance the look of your lashes. Unlike a lash lift or lash tint, lash extensions provide length and fullness to your natural lash line with the application of premium synthetic lashes made exclusively by Lash Box. Taking away the need for mascara, lash extensions provide an instant refresh to your look while often eliminating the need to wear makeup altogether.


1. They Provide a Relaxing Application With Instant Results

The lash extension application process is incredibly relaxing and when performed by highly trained lash artists.

2. Your New Lashes Can Be Enjoyed With or Without Makeup

Life is busy and lash extensions are designed to streamline your beauty routine to help you get out the door faster! In fact, they give you a look every time you roll out of bed.

A makeup-free look also includes the ability to toss out your mascara and say goodbye to those pesky mascara smudges or unsightly smears. However, if you still love a sweep of mascara, we have great news! Lash extensions can absolutely be worn with mascara as long as it’s lash extension-friendly! Just be sure to carefully remove mascara and makeup each evening by using gentle, lash-friendly products.

3. They Are Completely Customisable

Unlike false lash strips, individual eyelash extensions are completely customisable to fit you, your eye shape, preferences and even your lifestyle! In fact, we use four different parameters to customize your lash application:

  • Lash type
  • Lash curl 
  • Lash thickness 
  • Application technique 

So come learn from us at Lash Box by taking one of our courses, then become an expert in lash extensions.

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