What is an Eyelash Extension?

Posted by Irina Andreev on

If you've been thinking that all your friends have somehow grown movie-star eyelashes overnight, don't worry—you're not imagining things. Likely, they've simply had lash extensions applied.

So, what are eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions are temporary eyelash fibers that give the impression of longer, fuller and darker lashes. They are commonly made from synthetic materials such as silk or mink and applied to natural lashes with a semi-permanent glue one extension per lash.

What are the pros of lash extensions?

1. They are easy to apply by trained professionals! 

2. They look nice.

Lash extensions can enhance your appearance and make your eyes pop. You can look put together any time of day—even if you just woke up. You might not even have to put on makeup anymore.

3. The process is painless.

Pain-free beauty treatments are few and far between, but lash extensions fall into that category. When applied correctly, you should never feel any discomfort from either the application or wear of your eyelash extensions.

4. It's fairly safe.

Unless you have an allergy to the glue or fibers used, there is very little risk involved in getting lash extensions. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians agree that, for the most part, extensions are safe for your eyes and lashes.

If you had doubts about lash extensions before, we hope this article has helped to clear some things up for you. 

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