Easy Fan Lashes vs Regular Lashes—All You Need to Know

Posted by Irina Andreev on

Do you love the volume you get from eyelash extensions? They may look pretty, but extensions can be difficult to apply. Luckily, there’s a solution: easy fan lashes - Deluxe Smart Fans. 

What you need to know about easy fan lashes

Easy fanning lashes are designed to reduce application time during a custom volume set. They come with a sticky base that prevents fans from separating and falling apart, ultimately solving the frustration of creating volume lashes by hand.

Plus, easy fan volume lashes have more or less the same retention level as regular volume lashes. Easy fanning lashes have two different application techniques:

  • Shimmy technique

For this method, you only need tweezers to create a lash bloom. First, use the volume tweezers to grab your desired number of lashes, pinch or “shimmy” the tool to open the lashes, and apply them.

  • Sticky strip technique 

The sticky strip technique is highly recommended for beginners. It involves using a strip to create a bloom, making it easier for the lashes to open and stay in your desired position. 

During application, pull the lashes off the strip toward yourself, place the base of the lashes on the adhesive portion, and use the back of your tweezers to move the bottom of the fan from left to right.

How do easy fanning lashes differ from regular volume lashes? Regular lashes are better for experienced lash technicians and those who want to master the wrap-around technique. These lashes also offer the best retention, however, applying them can be challenging and time-consuming.

Are easy fan lashes the best product for your needs? Or are you ready to practice your skills with regular volume lashes? Whatever the case, make sure to purchase your eyelash supplies from a trusted online store offering high-quality kits and tools. 

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