Looking for the Best Eyelash Glue? Lash Box Is the Perfect Place for You!

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Are your eyelash extensions having a hard time adhering to natural  lashes? Reapplying the extensions can be a tiresome process, and even the highest-quality products won’t give you good results if your adhesive is poorly made. So, how do you find the best eyelash glue on the market? 

Choosing the best eyelash glue to add to your makeup kit

  • Get to know your environment

The performance of your eyelash glue will greatly depend on two factors: room temperature and room humidity. This is because lash extension adhesives contain cyanoacrylate, which only cures in the presence of moisture.

The recommended room humidity for eyelash extension application is around 45 to 60%. If humidity is too high, the adhesive can dry too quickly, so consider using slower glues. Conversely, in low-humidity conditions, opt for a fast-drying adhesive. 

  • Go for your ideal drying speed.

How long does it take for you to apply eyelash extensions? This process is an art; it can take you years to be as quick as a Master lash artist. So, if you’re new to the field, go for glue with a longer drying time, ranging from around 2-3 seconds. If you’re a professional artist, opt for a glue with shorter drying times, ranging from 0,5 - 1 seconds.  

You can up the difficulty as your hands become more attuned to applying eyelash extensions, and before you know it, you’ll be using one-second adhesives like a pro.

  • Consider odour sensitivity

Because of its composition, lash glue can release fumes that irritate the eyes and lungs. Generally, fast-drying glues contain more cyanoacrylate, which is responsible for the fumes, but the odour doesn’t stay for too long.

Still, if you don’t want to deal with unpleasant odours and fumes, you can purchase a Glue odour neutralizer, which can also double as a sterilising agent for your tools.

You can never go wrong with the best eyelash glue from Lash Box. The store offers a variety of adhesive products for every type of lash technician, from fast-drying glues to storage containers and odour neutralisers!

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