Step-by-Step Guide to Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extension kits are a valuable addition to any makeup collection, especially if you love to experiment with different looks and discover new makeup styles. There’s just one problem: Applying eyelash extensions can be quite complicated for anyone without previous experience.

But don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you’ll never learn to apply thick, long extensions. This step-by-step guide is all you need to get started with your eyelash extension kit: 

  • Cleansing

Cleansing is a must when working with the face, whether you’re applying makeup or eyelash extensions. Eyelashes require a special cleanser to prevent the adhesive from breaking down and ensure that no oil or makeup is left on the lashes before application.

  • Priming

Primer is a necessary treatment to ensure that the extensions stick more effectively. Coating primers are designed to improve retention and can be applied with a small brush.

  • Mapping and isolation

Under-eye patches separate the top and bottom lashes from each other and prevent eye injuries. You can also use the patches for mapping, which is a technique that will help you create the look you want more efficiently.

Once you’ve mapped out your lash set, you can start isolating the natural lashes. Don’t hesitate to isolate slowly, ensuring that you don’t damage any hair follicles during the process.

  • Application

Finally, it’s time to apply the eyelash extensions. Make sure to dip the extensions slowly in the adhesive, preventing too much glue from sticking to the end. Then, you can coat the natural lashes with the adhesive and apply the extension about 1 mm from the eyelid.

  • Drying

After the extensions have bonded and you’ve made sure that no two lashes are stuck to each other, you can start the drying process. Depending on your adhesive, drying can take about three to five minutes to complete. 

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