What Are Henna Brows and How Long Do They Last?

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Shaping your eyebrows is an art form. It can take several minutes and a collection of different products to create the perfect brow, taking up a major chunk of your daily makeup routine. If you don’t have the time to do this every day, there’s a holy grail product that can save you from all the stress: brow henna. 

Your ultimate guide to brow henna

  • How it works

Henna is a traditional colour-transferring method used to dye the skin and hair. It is often used to create temporary tattoos, but nowadays, henna brows are gaining traction. 

Henna for eyebrows is made with a different formulation to ensure that it leaves a more natural stain on the brow hairs and skin. The process is very similar to brow tinting, involving three major steps: cleansing, mapping and shaping, and application.

  • How long it lasts

After applying the henna, it must be allowed to sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. This step ensures that the dye will not fade easily. In general, the results will last for up to 6 days on the skin and around six weeks on the hair.

The time it takes for your henna brows to fade will depend on several factors, such as your skin’s natural exfoliation, oil production, and sun exposure.

  • Why you should get brow henna

On top of lasting longer than regular brow makeup, eyebrow henna helps you achieve a natural look with a subtle tint. Plus, henna is derived from plants, making it healthy for your skin and hair follicles. 

Do you want long-lasting, perfectly shaped brows without having to get up so early in the morning? Brow henna is all you need to get started! Lash Box offers a wide range of henna products online, including a complete brow henna kit and brow lotion.

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